Business Loan

It is not an easy task to run business, most business owners started by using their personal savings, but with the various challenges and unexpected cashflow problem. Stress will built up as cashflow get tighter.

Banks usually will not offers credit to young businesses and start-up enterprises, however, Bliss Credit, a licensed money lender are able to provide short term and medium term business loan for Singapore businesses..

You can get unsecured loans to run your business and finance various projects as and when the need arises. We are here to help you in your business, to bring your busines forward.

Bliss Credit offers loans that are suitable for different types of business loans depending on the specific purpose for which they will be used, including bank term loan, invoice financing, merchant cash advances and bank lines of credit.

As a Licensed moneylender in Singapore, Bliss Credit, provides financial assistance to help you launch and maintain your dream business. We offer a range of business loans at a low interest rate to fund everything you need for your own company.

Flexibility and diversity

The amount to lend to your business will depends on the needs of the business, the qualifying loan amount are determined by examining your business’s financial statements as well as income tax reports for the period to show that the business has existed for two years or more.

Bliss Credit offers most flexible and versatile repayment plans according to your income, our financial advisor will be able to advise you accordingly..

Easy to apply and fast approval

Bliss Credit is more friendly than banks, It is challenging and almost impossible for young, non-profit making business to secure bank loans. We want to help your business by giving you a chance to realize its full potential by providing the needful financing to make your business venture succeed,

A simple online application and some verification and loan approval, you can receive the cash immediately after face to face verification and loan agreement signing at our office.

Contact us via phone call or email or simply fill in the application form and our financial advisor will be contacting you shortly.