Benefits of Bliss Credit Personal Loan:

Bliss Credit is a Licensed Moneylender in Singapore offering personal loans with a low maximum interest rate of 4% per month, regardless of the borrower’s income. Personal loans offer several benefits, which include:

  • Flexibility & Convenience – Personal loans can be used for multiple purposes such as medical bills, travels and vacations, education and home improvement. Other types of loans such as business loans and mortgages are restricted in terms of how the funds should be used. Personal loans are much more accessible, flexible and suitable for many situations.
  • Lower Interest Rates – Personal loans have lower interest rates than credit cards, depending on the borrower’s credit profile. The interest rates for personal loans are typically fixed as well, unlike in credit cards where variable interest rates apply.
  • No Collateral Required – Most Singapore personal loans are known as unsecured loans because the borrowers are not required to provide collateral in exchange for the amount borrowed.
  • Diverse Credit Profile – Taking out personal loans helps borrowers build and diversify their credit profiles. This is an effective way to increase credit score and improve reputation and trust with future creditors.

Cash Loan and Personal Loan Interest Rate Example

At Bliss Credit, the maximum interest rate per month is 4%. This means that:

Loan AmountTermInterestRepayment
$1,0001 Month$40 (4%)$1,040
$2,0001 Month$80 (4%)$2,080
$3,0001 Month$120 (4%)$3,120
Sample Interst Calculation and Repayment Amount

How Much Can You Loan?

Annual SalaryLoan Amount
Less than S$20,000S$3,000
More than S$20,0006 x Monthly Income
Singapore and SPR Loan Quantum

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If you have any questions regarding the latest licensed moneylender interest rates, do contact Bliss Credit at (65) 6327-1334. You can also choose to fill in an online application form or visit our office and we will do our best to answer all your queries.