Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

Bliss Credit is Legit, Registered and Licensed with the Registry of Moneylenders. You are able to Verify under the Ministry of Law SIngapore here for the list of Legal Money Lender.

Licensed Money Lender do not send flyers, SMSes, emails or WhatsApp to ask for your singpass or any money to be transfer prior to any loan approval.  Please Call us to verify whenever you receive suspicious advertisements or calls. 

There have been some illegal lenders using our company’s name and address to advertise on Facebook. 
Please kindly note that we as Licensed moneylenders are NOT ALLOW TO ADVERTISE in social media. 
Do not send any personal information or call them!
Call us @6327 1334 or email when in doubt!

How do I know whether a moneylender is licensed or not? 
Do not borrow from unlicensed moneylenders.

Do, be mindful if they:

  • Use abusive language, or behave in a threatening manner towards you.
  • Ask for your SingPass user ID and/or password.
  • Retain your NRIC card or any other personal ID documents (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, work permit, employment pass or ATM card).
  • Ask you to sign on a blank or incomplete Note of Contract for the loan.
  • Grant you a loan without giving you a copy of the Note of contract for the loan and/or without properly explaining to you all the terms and conditions.
  • Grant you a loan without exercising due diligence (e.g. approving a loan over the phone, SMS or email before even receiving your loan application form and supporting documents, such as the income tax assessment and payslips).
  • Withhold any part of your principal loan amount for any reason.