List of FAQ

We have done a list of FAQ here to let you better understand about borrowing from licensed money lender.


For Self-Employed: 1. NRIC * 2. Singpass & 2FA * For Employed Singaporan: 1. NRIC * 2. Singpass & 2FA * 3. 3 months official computerised payslip For Grab/Taxi driver: 1. NRIC * 2. Grab statements or taxi license *denotes a compulsory field
Here are the list of Eligible Applicants: Full Timer / Part Timer with CPF and Income Tax Contract Staff with Payslip and CPF Full Timer with less than 1 month employed Grab / Taxi Driver Sole Proprietor Retiree with part time job Discharged from Bankruptcy
Bliss Credit Financial Advisor will be able to provide a structed loan plan which can tailored to your repayment capabilities. So even if you have outstanding loans or a bad credit history, you are still eligible for a loan with Bliss Credit provided you are timely with repayments.
We need a proof of your Singapore Address in order to process the loan,
Before taking a loan, you have to consider other expenses such as car monthly installment, transport expenses, food, child’s education and etc. The best way is to write down all your expenses on a piece of paper and do the necessary calculation. After which, apply for the loan when you are sure that have the ability to repay the loan.
Certainly NO. There is no obligation to take up the loan even after we given you the Free Credit Advises. You are welcome to continue to chat with us at 63271334 for more infomation.
Bliss Credit will not call your home/workplace for any verification provided you have given your consent whether verbally or written to do so.
With every payment, we will send messages to you to update your loan outstainding. You can also call us at 63271334 to check after verification of your identify,
Delayed payment will badly affect your credit history and score. There will be Accrued Debt and Late Payment Penalties. Having a poor credit score may also make it difficult for you to borrow from other financial institutions under the Moneylenders Credit Bureau in the future. Bliss Credit strongly advise you to speak to us in the event that you are unable to make repayment.